Object of the Month: March 2014 – Maud Gilbert (Brewster) Bodell Gorham Collection

In honor of Women’s History Month, March’s Object of the Month will focus on a photograph collection of former Hanson Historical Society member Maud(e) Gilbert (Brewster) Bodell Gorham. Our archives contain a wonderful small collection of photographs and tintypes of the family members and friends of Maud(e) Gilbert (Brewster) Bodell Gorham of Hanson (1891-1978), which have been digitized and are available on the Hanson Historical Society’s Flickr.

Early records list her name as Maud (including her birth and first marriage records), later records list her name as Maude (including her second marriage and death records). Maude was born and raised in Hanson; she married twice and had two children. The Hanson Historical Society also has another collection of the Maude Gilbert (Brewster) Bodell Gorham Family Papers, the majority of which is documentation regarding the death of her son Brandon Brewster Bodell, age 31, during World War II, including his Bronze Star and Purple Heart medals.

1. Maud(e) Gilbert Brewster was born in Hanson, Plymouth, Massachusetts, 12 June 1891, daughter of Henry Gilbert and Florence Eveline (Tirrell) Brewster.[[1]] She died in Pembroke, Plymouth, Massachusetts, 22 September 1978.[[2]] She married first in Kingston, Plymouth, Massachusetts, 17 August 1911, by H. S. Kilborn, James Gray Bodell.[[3]] He was born in Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 27 June 1889, son of Franklin and Hannah (Gray) Bodell.[[4]] He died in Grafton State Hospital, Grafton, Worcester, Massachusetts, 1957.[[5]] From at least 10 April 1930 until 1935 he was a psychiatric patient at the Taunton State Hospital, Taunton, Bristol, Massachusetts, and in 1940 until his death was a patient at the Grafton State Hospital.[[6]] At the time of their marriage, Maude Brewster was a clerk residing in Hanson and James Bodell was a conductor residing in Plymouth. In the 1914 Hanson directory, James G. Bodell was listed as a conductor for the Brockton and Plymouth Railway, boarding with his family in a house on Main Street near Pleasant Street in South Hanson.[7] They probably were divorced or separated by 5 June 1917, when James listed his marital status as “single” for his World War I Draft Registration and was residing in 18 Davis St., Plymouth, working as a cloth examiner at Standish Worsted Company in Plymouth, described as medium height, medium build, dark blue eyes, dark brown hair.

She married second, as his second wife, in Hanson, 21 July 1927, by John E. Berry, Hubert Aubrey Gorham.[[8]] He was born in East Harwich, Barnstable County, Massachusetts, 31 October 1872, the son of Ephraim A. and Marietta (Rogers) Gorham.[[9]] He died of cancer in Hanson, 16 February 1940.[[10]] At the time of their marriage, Hubert was a cranberry grower, and Maud was a telephone operator, and both were listed as divorced from their former spouses. He married first in Hanson, 30 June 1898, by Ezra N. Smith, Annie T. Damon.[[11]] She was born in Hanson, 11 February 1874, the daughter of Elijah Damon and Phoebe S. Besse.[[12]] At the time of Hubert and Annie’s marriage, he was a laborer and she was a teacher. Annie was formerly a teacher at Primary Schoolhouse #4, now the  headquarters of the Hanson Historical Society [see the Hanson Historical Society’s Primary Schoolhouse #4 exhibit]. Hubert was initiated into the Phoenix Lodge of the Massachusetts Masons on 18 September 1919, and remained a member until his death.[13]

Maude G. Bodell (28, divorced) was enumerated 20 January 1920 in Hanson with her father, Henry G. Brewster (owns home, 59, farmer) and mother Florence E. Brewster (66), with children Brandon B. Bodell (6) and Gertude E. Bodell (4 years, 3 months) and uncle George W. Brewster (56, farm laborer).[[14]]

Maude G. Gorham (38) was enumerated 11 April 1930 in Main St., Hanson with husband Hubert A. Gorham (owns house, has $6,000 in real estate, 57, superintendant of a cranberry bog), and children Brandon Bodell (16) and Gertrude E. Bodell (14).[[15]]

Maude G. Gorham (48, widow, owned home worth $4000, high school graduate) was enumerated 18 April 1940 in Main St., South Hanson.[[16]]

Children of James Gray and Maude Gilbert (Brewster) Bodell, b. Hanson:

i.   Brandon Brewster Bodell, b. 11 Aug. 1913; d. near Metz, France, 29 Sept. 1944. He graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He was a surveyor prior to the war. He enlisted as a soldier for World War II in Boston on 19 March 1942. At the time of his enlistment, he was 72” tall and weighed 191 pounds. He was a first lieutenant, in 558th FA Bn, C Battery, army service no. 1170656. Gilbert Hahn reflected on Bodell’s death in The Notebook of an Amateur Politician: And how He Began the D.C. Subway: “We stayed outside of Metz for this forty-five day period. During that time, some of my pals, the other lieutenants in the battalion, took their guns for direct lay missions on the various forts around Metz. My friend Bryce Bowmar, in a heroic episode, fired into those forts at one thousand yards. (He is mentioned in Stephen Ambrose’s book Citizen Soldier.) My other friend who did the same thing, Brandon Bodell, was killed. The concept of the direct lay missions was not ideal, because with separate loading ammunition, a shell from a machine gun or mortar could explode the powder bag (that had to be kept at the gun), so it was highly dangerous”.

ii.   Gertrude E. Bodell, b. 21 Sept. 1915. She married several times and was a beautician.



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[Posted by Mary Blauss Edwards, Hanson Historical Society Curator]

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