Object of the Month: May 2014 – Lloyd S. Josselyn and His Bicycle


Lloyd Sumner Josslyn, 82 years old, in South Hanson after a ride from Hingham.

May is Bicycle Month, so this month’s object is a wonderful photograph of Lloyd Sumner Josselyn and his bicycle.

Lloyd was born in Pembroke on 8 September 1859, the son of David A. and Sophronia F. (Keene) Josselyn. He married in Boston on 6 August 1902, Elizabeth Weston Drake, and they settled in Hanson.

This photograph shows 82 year old Lloyd Sumner Josselyn in South Hanson, Mass. ca. 1942. He had “just returned from a bicycle trip to Hingham”.

His bicycle was a “52 inch wheel, completely nickel plated, ball bearing equipped and with a patent brake arrangement. It cost $150”.

The photograph was donated to the Society by Roland Josselyn on Dec. 27, 1973.

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