Hanson Soldiers Who Died In The Civil War

This Memorial Day, a moment to honor the 27 men from Hanson who gave their lives during the Civil War.

The first Hanson casualty was soldier Augustus F. Elmes, who died of typhoid fever while training on 25 October 1861.

Hanson’s final casualty was Thomas Drake, who died at the prisoner of war camp in Andersonville, Ga. 14 March 1865. Read about the life and death of Thomas Drake here. Robert E. Lee surrendered less than a month later, on 9 April 1865.

27 Hanson soldiers died in the Civil War:

  1. Stephen Bates (died of chronic diarrhea at Baton Rouge, 21 May 1863, buried Baton Rouge National Cemetery, Baton Rouge, La.). [FindAGrave] [HRR] [HTH] [HOH] [VGH]
  2. Hiram B. Bonney (b. 27 April 1818 Hanson, died Baton Rouge 16 July 1863 of disease). Private Co H 38th Inf service 21 Aug 1862 to 16 July 1863. [FindAGrave] [VGH]
  3. Theodore Lyman Bonney (b. 27 Oct 1836, son of Ezekiel and Angeline Dean (White) Bonney, died of typhoid fever at Aquia Creek, Virginia, 11 May 1863;  body returned to Hanson). [FindAGrave] [HRR] [HTH] [HOH] [HVR] [VGH]
  4. Daniel Bourne “died in Virginia of gunshot wound in groin, received in Battle of the Wilderness” 7 May 1864;  buried in Fredericksburg National Cemetery). [FindAGrave] [HRR] [HTH] [HOH] [HVR] [VGH]
  5. George H. Bourne, Co. B, 40th Reg’t, of diarrhoea, near Folly Island, S.C., Nov. 28th 1863, buried Beaufort National Cemetery, Beaufort, SC. [FindAGrave] [HOH] [VGH]
  6. Joseph T. Bourne (d. of chronic diarrhea at Sharpsburg, Va., 11 Nov. 1862, body returned to Pembroke, buried in Mount Pleasant Cemetery). [FindAGrave]  [HTH] [HVR] [VGH]
  7. William M. Campbell (died 15 Dec 1862 Falmouth Va of wounds). Private Co E 16th Infantry, service 12 July 1861 to 15 Dec 1862. [FindAGrave]  [VGH]
  8. James Coolican (b. 1838 in Ireland, died of chronic diarrhea 25 Feb. 1863 at Baton Rouge). [FindAGrave] [HRR] [HTH] [HOH] [HVR] [VGH]
  9. Thomas Drake (died at Andersonville, Ga., 14 March 1865, buried Andersonville National Cemetery, Andersonville Ga). [FindAGrave] [HRR] [HTH] [HOH] [HVR] [VGH]
  10. Augustus F. Elmes (died of typhoid fever at Camp Brightwood, 25 Oct. 1861, buried Fern Hill Cemetery, Hanson). [FindAGrave] [HRR] [HTH] [HOH] [HVR] [VGH]
  11. Henry Ewell was “wounded in left arm at the taking of the Weldon R.R., Petersburg, Va., Aug. 25/64” and died at Washington, D.C., 2 Nov. 1864, buried at Arlington National Cemetery. [FindAGrave] [HRR] [HTH] [HOH] [VGH]
  12. Andrew W. Fish (died of chronic diarrhea at a hospital in Baton Rouge, 3 Aug. 1863, buried at Baton Rouge National Cemetery). [FindAGrave]  [HRR] [HTH] [HOH] [HVR] [VGH]
  13. Joseph Lewis Fish (b. Phillips Me 10 May 1837, son of Lewis and Sarah Fish; died of chronic diarrhea, died Hanson 31 Oct. 1863), buried Mount Pleasant Cem, Pembroke. [FindAGrave]  [HRR] [HTH] [HOH] [HVR] [VGH]
  14. Horatio Foster (b. Hanson 24 February 1826, son of Seth and Joanna (Robinson) Foster, “died at Warrington”, of disease, battle at Catlett Station, Va., May 22d 1862). Served in 1st R.I.  [FindAGrave] [HRR] [HTH] [HOH] [VGH]
  15. George Golbert “died [Aug. 1862]”. [FindAGrave]   [HRR] [HTH] [HOH] [VGH]
  16. Luther M. Hayward/Haywood b 18 Jan 1839, d. of diarrhea Halifax 6 July 1863 Private Co A 3rd Mass Volunteers Militia. Service 18 September 1862 to 26 June 1863. [FindAGrave]
  17. Morton Eddy Hill died at New Orleans, La., 19 April 1863 [date of death discrepancies]. [FindAGrave] [HRR] [HTH] [HOH] [VGH]
  18. Alfred Gardner Howe, d. 5 May 1864, shot in battle, d. and buried Wilderness, Virginia, son of Gardner and Jane Howe. [FindAGrave] [HVR] [HOH]
  19. Austin E. Luther was “wounded in the U.S. service” and died at New Orleans, 5 April 1864. Service Private Co. E, 3 MA Cavalry. [FindAGrave, which mistakenly lists him as ARTHUR E LUTHER] [HRR] [HTH] [HOH] [HVR] [VGH]
  20. James Allen Lyon (b. 27 May 1835, d. 17 Apr 1863 of wounds, at Brashear City, La.) Co. D, 38th Regiment. [FindAGrave] [HOH]
  21. John Lyons Co. B, 41st Reg’t, died of chronic diarrhea at Port Hudson, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, 29 September 1863. [FindAGrave]  [HRR] [HTH] [HOH] [HVR] [VGH]
  22. Edward P. Mansfield (“shot in the Battle of Wilderness” and d. Spotsylvania, Va., 4 May 1864). [FindAGrave] [HTH] [HOH] [HVR] [VGH]
  23. Julius W. Munroe (taken prisoner 19 Oct. 1864 and died of chronic diarrhea at the Salisbury Confederate Prison, N.C. 18 Feb 1865). [FindAGrave]  [HRR] [HTH] [HOH] [HVR] [VGH]
  24. John H. Perry, died at Hampton Va 31 Oct 1862. [FindAGrave]  [HRR] [HTH] [HOH] [VGH]
  25. Edward Smith (b. 28 Jan 1837, son of Joshua and Saba (Drew) Smith, died of typhoid fever at Annapolis, Maryland, 19 Nov. 1863). [FindAGrave burial at Annapolis and FindAGrave memorial in Hanson] [HRR] [HTH] [HVR]
  26. Benjamin F. Thayer (d. Newburn NC 25 June 1862 of disease. Private Co E 23rd Service 21 Sep 1861 to 25 June 1862). [FindAGrave] [VGH]
  27. George Thompson 11th Reg’t, d. of starvation, at Andersonville, June 13th 1864. [FindAGrave] [HTH] [HOH]



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