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Hanson – Images of America

Donna McCulloch Brown. (Charleston, SC: Arcadia Publishing, 2003). 128 pages.
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Originally West Parish in Pembroke, the town of Hanson is a small community rich in history and character. It was incorporated as Hanson in 1820 with nine hundred seventeen town members and has continued to grow while remaining a small town at heart. Hanson, known for its many beautiful brooks and ponds, has been a popular place for recreation throughout the history of Massachusetts. Hanson will introduce you to Hanson’s noteworthy sites, such as the Plymouth County Hospital and the summer resort “the Needles.” It features some of Hanson’s most famous citizens, including Albert Burrage, a Boston businessman who was responsible for Burrage Industries and the Needles; Ephraim Albert Gorham, who began the movement to convert wetlands to cranberry bogs; and Marcus Urann, who organized and ran what became the Ocean Spray Cranberry Company. This collection will help locals and visitors enjoy the history of Hanson for generations.

Hanson in the Civil War, 1861-1865

Robert B. Rich. Republished by: (Hanson, MA: Hanson Historical Society, 2011). 30 pages.
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This book describes the military companies and men who served in the Civil War from Hanson, as well as the effects the war had on the home front in Hanson. Included are numerous photographs of Civil War artifacts, memorabilia, and letters from Hanson’s soldiers.

Looking Back

Elsie Calder. Original publication (Hanson, MA: Hanson Arts Lottery Council, unknown year). Republished by: (Hanson, MA: Hanson Historical Society, 2011). 116 pages.
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This book is a collection of articles written by Hanson historian and teacher Elsie Calder (1895-1991). “This collection of articles by Elsie Calder looks back far beyond her more than ninety years. She has precious records from her father and grandfather that allow her to do research without ever leaving home. Her love for the history of Hanson and her gift for clear expression make for a true picture of the past; ranging from the patriotic to the amusing, from heroes to moonshiners and from hard workers to counterfeiters”.

Trolleys in the Land of the Pilgrims: The Plymouth & Kingston Street Railway, The Brockton & Plymouth Street Railway, The Plymouth & Brockton Street Railway, The Plymouth & Sandwich Street Railway, 1886-1928

O.R. Cummings. Original publication: (Forty Fort, PA: Harold E. Cox, 1992). Republished by: (Hanson, MA: Hanson Historical Society, 2011). 63 pages.
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This book is the history of the Plymouth and Kingston Street Railway and its successors, the Brockton and Plymouth and Plymouth and Brockton Street Railways, which operated electric cars in the historic town of Plymouth, Massachusetts, where the Pilgrims landed, from 1889 to 1928.